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Everyone’s a Critic


John Anthony Lopez is a rascally Fagin (the leader of the pickpocket gang) with his big number You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two,  a crowd pleaser. Young persons seeing Mr. Lopez’s unseemly worship of  money and the way he exploits his pickpockets get a valuable insight into what bad people are really like: they use you under the premise of helping you.  Fagin is totally unsympathetic and this is the strength of Mr. Lopez’s performance. Fagin may be cute but even a young mind can see the selfishness in Mr. Lopez’s Fagin.

 John Bailey, White Plains Citizen Net Reporter

"John Anthony Lopez gets plenty right in their emotional and scintillating performance. With such a commanding and entertaining presence, John Anthony Lopez was absolutely perfect for this role."

Entertainment Biweekly

"John Anthony Lopez morphed into character and never let up. With a dazzling performance like this, it won’t come as a surprise to hear their name pop up when awards season arrives."

Roger Ehert